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Herewith is a collection of Europe travel tips, advice, suggestions, insights, and recommendations to help you make the best of your Europe travel!  Check back often – Craig will never run out of Europe travel topics to write about – believe me!


An hour north of Venice are the beautiful rolling hills of the prosecco region. This sparkling white wine is a protected agricultural product that can only be made here, to exacting standards. On our Eat and Drink Like a Northern Italian Tour we visit the best of the...

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Balsamic Vinegar Tour and Tasting

Real balsamic vinegar is produced as a "hobby" by the fine wineries of the Modena / Parma agricultural valley. On our tour we visit one of the premium wine makers of the region, the Medici Ermete, and have an exclusive tour and tasting of their family's small Acetia...

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Beer Hunting in Bruges

You can count on Medieval Bruges for beautiful art and architecture, delicious food and chocolate, and AMAZING beer experiences! We always have time on the Ultimate Beer Tour for some beer hunting - and the hunting is easy if you know who to talk to (that would be me,...

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Pesto Making in the Cinque Terre

One of my favourite experiences in Liguria is taking part in a pesto making class. The art of pesto comes from this beautiful seaside region, and learning from a local is the best way to experience the food, rather than just eating the food! This is part of our Eat...

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Cooking in Italy

I love to bring back special mementos from my travels. Not the plastic mass-produced kind! One of the most interesting memories you can bring back from a trip abroad is a new skill. When visiting Italy, try a cooking class with a local chef. We recently cooked with a...

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Proper Tiramisu

There's the "Tiramisu" you get at the Olive Garden... and then there's actual Tiramisu in Italy. Properly served, with fresh espresso that you add just before eating! Enjoy this on our Eat and Drink Like a Northern Italian...

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Bike Ride in Bruges

One of my favourite activities in Bruges is biking - like the locals do!  You can get around the town in no time, seeing all the sites with minimal effort in this flat medieval city.  And of course, you're all good to enjoy some Belgian beer during your travels.  Just...

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Surfing in England?

St. Ives is a beautiful little corner of England (or Cornwall, to be exact).  A visit here is time well spent - with plenty of outdoor activities (golf, surfing, beach time) and fantastic food and drink!  We spend 2 nights here on our England tour - staying in a...

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