The typical Milanese cuisine might not be as famous as the Roman or Tuscan, but it’s definitely worth trying: in fact, it includes some of the most delicious food in Italy!

Just like that of the whole region of Lombardy, the Milanese cuisine is made of ancient recipes based on simple ingredients. But as we said, most of its recipes are not that famous outside of this Northern Italian city, so… What to eat in Milan?

When you join us on our Eat and Drink Like a Northern Italian tour, you can be sure that you will taste the best that Milan has to offer!


An aperitivo before dinner.

Cotoletta alla Milanese

It is a famous meat recipe, very simple and quick to prepare, known all over the world with many variations, but the authentic tasty and crispy veal cutlet is only one, and can be enjoyed only in the city of Milan.

This dish consists of a delicious slice of sirloin breaded veal with egg and breadcrumbs and then fried in butter: a real treat for the palate. The union of the breading fragrance and the meat softness make this dish a must if you are in Milan.

cotoletta alla milanese

Perfectly breaded, crisp and moist cotoletta alla milanese


Risotto alla Milanese

A first course, part of the Italian culinary traditions, that fascinates primarily for its color of gold, for its delicious scent and obviously for its unique taste. One must be careful, however, not to confuse it with the “saffron risotto”: the differences between the two are few but important.

The main ingredient is definitely saffron, but the real traditional Milanese recipe includes the use of beef marrow, fundamental to enrich the taste of the dish, and a dash of white wine. Famous and appreciated all over the world the risotto alla Milanese has a long history of flavors and continues today to be beloved by both the Milanese and tourists.


The fragrant Risotto alla Milanese



The ossobuco (literally, the “marrowbone”) can be served as a main dish, but very often it is served accompanied by the risotto alla Milanese (and it is wise and recommended choice). It is a beef steak – with a hole containing the bone in the middle, and it can be cooked in different ways. The softness of this type of meat makes this dish unique and delicate.

In addition to the accompaniment with the risotto, the ossobuco is also excellent along with chopped garlic, parsley and anchovies, or with fried tomatoes and onions.


Tender, delicious Ossobuco



The Cassoeula is a winter typical dish of the popular tradition of Lombardy. Its origins are very old, and its recipe has changed a lot over the years, be it has always been beloved.

The main ingredients of cassoeula are cabbage and pork.

The typical Milanese folk dish Cassoeula

The typical Milanese folk dish Cassoeula



A historic Milanese dessert, eaten each year throughout Italy especially in the most beautiful time of the year, Christmas. The Milanese Panettone unites the whole table, is the sweet of Christmas and it’s beloved by all, both for its taste and for what it is able to convey emotionally during the Christmas atmosphere.

The origins of panettone are ancient and sometimes fade into legend: it is said that it had been cooked for the first time only with scraps, with what was advanced in the kitchen. Its recipe is simple, it takes a few natural ingredients – flour, baking powder, orange, eggs and the inevitable raisins.  Delicious!

The Christmas treat Panettone

The Christmas treat Panettone