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Herewith is a collection of Europe travel tips, advice, suggestions, insights, and recommendations to help you make the best of your Europe travel!  Check back often – Craig will never run out of Europe travel topics to write about – believe me!

Bike Ride in Bruges

One of my favourite activities in Bruges is biking - like the locals do!  You can get around the town in no time, seeing all the sites with minimal effort in this flat medieval city.  And of course, you're all good to enjoy some Belgian beer during your travels.  Just...

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Surfing in England?

St. Ives is a beautiful little corner of England (or Cornwall, to be exact).  A visit here is time well spent - with plenty of outdoor activities (golf, surfing, beach time) and fantastic food and drink!  We spend 2 nights here on our England tour - staying in a...

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The War That Will End War

Shortly after the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, British author H.G. Wells wrote a series of essays that were published as "The War That Will End War." The ferocity of the battles that ensued, and the pure destructive power of the new battlefield...

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London’s Heritage Pubs – The Old Red Lion

The Old Red Lion Pub in the City of London has been around since the 1500's.  In 1660 it was a resting point for Oliver Cromwell as he travelled from Westminster to Tyburn.  Thing is, Cromwell died in 1658.  When Cromwell was very much alive, he was head of the rebel...

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Heritage Pubs of London – The Ship and Shovell

London has a thriving pub culture, but our tour will take you to the most historic, interesting, memorable pubs in the city. Here I visit the Ship & Shovell, located in a tiny alley you could easily miss, right around the corner from the house Ben Franklin lived...

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Delicious Milano!

The typical Milanese cuisine might not be as famous as the Roman or Tuscan, but it’s definitely worth trying: in fact, it includes some of the most delicious food in Italy! Just like that of the whole region of Lombardy, the Milanese cuisine is made of ancient recipes...

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“Hell cannot be so terrible” – Verdun, 1916

"Hell cannot be so terrible" Verdun. For a past generation, this one simple word evoked all the horror of war. Displacement, destruction, devastation, death. Hyperbole is not even possible when describing the events of the Battle of Verdun. Verdun is a town that found...

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