Traveling in Europe requires a bit of a learning curve. 

Picture yourself in a new city standing on a street corner, map outstretched before you while your traveling companion tries to cross-reference your location with your trusty guide book. In less than an hour, your train leaves from the station across town—but you’re still trying to locate the closest metro station. 
Quite quickly your romantic European vacation can morph into an unexpected opportunity for you to practice your conflict resolution skills. 
If you’re trying to see a number of different cities, scenes like these can become all too common. It’s easy to spend a lot of time and energy managing your itinerary, catching your next flight, and finding your next hotel—while schlepping yourself and your luggage all over the streets of the beautiful European cities you’re trying to enjoy.

With OneLife Tours it’s easy—simply bring your bag down to the hotel lobby and step into our private coach. We drive you door to door, accompanied by our expert guides. All of our tours are designed to make travel between cities hassle-free and expedient.

Because we have our own vehicle, we have a degree flexibility that simply isn’t possible while traveling by rail or plane. We take advantage of this flexibility by stopping at noteworthy historical sites that would be next to impossible to see otherwise. For instance on our Grand Tour we’re able to make a stop at the fascinating site of the battle of Verdun. During the First World War, this small French village was the stage for the longest continuous battle in the history of modern warfare. 

Our guides are passionate about the places we visit and know exactly where to go and what to see. Our tours allow you to maximize your enjoyment of Europe while minimizing your stress and planning. You can sit back and enjoy the ride knowing you’ll arrive in the next city with the time and energy to explore. 

With OneLife Tours there’s zero hassle and zero time wasted on missed connections and other unexpected headaches that can come with navigating unfamiliar foreign cities. 
Free up your time and energy with OneLife Tours to truly explore the magnificent art, culture, and food of Europe.