Why is the Cotswolds such a special place?  The beauty of the landscape, combined with the rustic stone villages that dot it, unveil a history of unique, industrious people, and their fascinating stories!   This was the wealthy wool-production capital of England in medieval times… resulting in villages with large, ornate churches, manor houses, and castles – much more grand than the size of the villages would suggest!  The Cotswolds with a pint (or two…) I can’t think of a better couple of days! A tour of the historic Hook Norton Brewery, with ample tastings… a designated driver to take you to the highlights in the rustic villages of the English countryside… and a gourmet dinner featuring fresh, local ingredients (the highly-rated baked trout is caught a few feet from our restaurant!).  Join us on the Ales, Ciders, and Historic Pubs Tour of England to experience the Cotswolds… in depth… and in style!